Version 1.15 - Sept 28/2003

Hacker Translator will translate any text you input into ‘leet-speak’. The idea of ‘leet-speak’ is to replace as many letters with numbers/symbols as possible.

Hacker Translator will also let you customize the translation process, by changing options such as enabling/disabling word translation, enabling/disabling character translation, specifying whether characters will translate into numbers or symbols or random. You can also translate ‘leet-speak’ back into english, allowing you to decode cryptic H4X0R messages.

Download Disk Image - 148 KiB MD5 (ht115.dmg) = d81e4b6dedc3280bafbcdb46355eba1d

Download SITX - 72 KiB MD5 (ht115.sitx) = a865e439b71b99962936dd77e7c53ede

What’s New

In version 1.15, you can specify which direction of translation you would like, and you can also randomize the character translation process via the preferences window.


  • A Macintosh
  • Mac OS X version 10.1.3 or newer



Known Issues

None known.