A couple months ago I published a handy program I wrote an even longer time ago, called BF1942 Launcher. It works by allowing you to load directly into any MOD you have installed for Battlefield 1942, and pass any arguments (options) to Battlefield 1942.

I’ve submitted it to multiple software tracking websites, as it seems nobody has stumbled upon it in the past couple of months. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns, feel free to reply to this post. (:

Version 1.0 - Sept 21/05

Battlefield 1942 Launcher (also known as BF1942 Launcher) is used to efficiently start up the game “Battlefield 1942” with user customizable command line parameters.

Download Disk Image - 208KiB (MD5 (bfl_10.dmg) = ea8c68bd1305c696ab9f4dfd389842ed)

What’s New

In version 1.0, you can specify any command line parameters to launch Battlefield 1942 with. Additionally, you can set it so that Battlefield 1942 will launch directly into a custom MOD, by selecting one from the popup box. These MODs are auto-detected when BF1942 Launcher is opened. Preferences have also been implemented, which allow you to set default command line arguments to be loaded into the arguments text field when BF1942 Launcher opens.


  • A Macintosh
  • Battlefield 1942
  • Mac OS X 10.2.8 or greater




Drag the BF1942 Launcher Application to the same directory as your Battlefield 1942 game. By default, this is in the directory /Applications/Battlefield 1942/. BF1942 must be in the same directory as Battlefield 1942 to run.

Getting Started

Run BF1942 Launcher by double clicking on it. After it launches, you will be presented with a window which has a text field, a popup box, a checkbox, and two buttons.

The text field will let you send certain parameters to Battlefield 1942 when it launches. For example, if you put the command +restart 1 in the text field, and click the OK button, Battlefield 1942 will skip the introduction movies when launching.

The popup box contains a list of MODs BF1942 Launcher found installed. If you want to launch regular Battlefield 1942, make sure “BF1942” is selected. If you have the Road to Rome or Secret Weapons expansion pack, they will also show up, as well as any other 3rd party MODs.

The checkbox that says “Auto-quit BF1942 Launcher” controls whether or not BF1942 Launcher will stay open after opening Battlefield 1942.

To access the preferences, goto the BF1942 Launcher menu, and select Preferences. A sheet will pop down overtop the main window, which will let you customize the default text BF1942 Launcher will put in the Command Line Arguments text field on startup.

Known Issues

None known.

Version History

  • BF1942 Launcher 1.0
    • September 21st, 2005
    • First Release


Gone, lost in a stupid rm accident.